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What do Taxi Drivers Make?

August 9, 2009

Just a micropost this time:

I was in a taxi today, chatting with a cabdriver who asked me how much I made, so I told him. He said “Wow, that’s great! I make 1.2 million a month.”

This is a 63-year-old man, who presumably has been driving a cab for a long time. I wonder what entry-level cabdrivers make.

This leads me to the wider question: What does EVERYBODY make? You can go to and answer that for just about every position one can think of in the USA. I wonder if some sort of equivalent exists in Korea. If I can find one, I’ll start posting comparisons.

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  1. November 16, 2009 10:57 pm
    not entirely sure how reliable, but the data seems to make sense. Makes me feel really good about what I thought was a somewhat paltry income.

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