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Abortions in Korea

October 17, 2009

Recently on a post over at Hub of Sparkle, Western Confucian talks about abortions in Korea.

I have a friend who is a doctor in Korea, and I asked him about Korea’s ban on abortions. Here is what he had to say (paraphrased from memory): In Korea, it is illegal to perform elective abortions. Because of this, most doctors performing abortions will report that the abortion was necessary for the health of the mother.

According to the post on Hub, a group of gynecologists is banding together to take doctors performing illegal abortions to task. That seems difficult if doctors can claim it is for the health of the mother, and patients of course won’t be coming forward. This would require a level of monitoring that would cost money. A lot of money. We’ll see what happens.
In the United States, doctors have a practice obliquely related to this one. I once had a cyst removed from my face. My doctor said “Listen, I know with 99.9% certainty that this cyst is benign. However, your insurance won’t pay for me to remove a benign cyst, so we’re sending it in for biopsy, not because we need to check, but just so the insurance companies are satisfied that it isn’t an “elective’ procedure.” But it was an elective procedure. I had that cyst for years before I finally had it removed.
So in both countries, doctors are claiming something different from reality in order to justify an elective procedure that might otherwise not be allowed.

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  1. October 17, 2009 2:34 pm

    What they tell the insurance companies / government is one thing – but they’d better tell ME the truth.

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