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November 20, 2009

Here are the search terms most commonly used to find Jumping the Asymptote. This list is in order from most popular to least.

english to korean pronunciation
jumping the asymptote
how much do taxi drivers make
driving in korea
koreans rude
rude koreans
koreans are rude
korean military ranks
difficulties for koreans learning englis
korean dating practices
fat post
no means try harder
korean military rank
how do taxi drivers get paid
negotiating with koreans
ktx tickets
business ideals
korean dating culture
why are koreans rude
f sound in korean
how much do cab drivers make
idioms, korean, english
what do koreans think of americans
what is differences between english vowe
ktx english
english korean pronunciation
no means harder
english to korean sound
why do koreans talk loud
jumping asymptote
jumping the asymptope
how much do taxi drivers make?
jason [redacted] korea (this is a former coworker doing ego searches)
difficult sounds for koreans
korean cross
korean students problems learning english
difference korean english
classroom culture korean western
difficulties koreans have learning english
tony hellmann
view of korean life
korean people rude
difference between korean and english
koreans learning english the wrong way
how do koreans adapt to american culture
are koreans rude
language transfer issues korean to english
korean learners of english studies

After grouping like items together into categories, I can see that 27% are related to teaching/learning ESL, 13% are related to how much cab drivers make, 10% related to Korean rudeness, and 7% related to Korean dating culture (with half of those searching specifically for this post). I also have to thank one special blogger for driving some extra traffic to my “Buddhist Rites of Religious Initiation” post. Thanks Mike! I got over 30 hits from you!

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  1. September 17, 2011 5:28 pm

    Koreans are direct. Koreans have direct personality.

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