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More Differences between China & Korea

April 24, 2010

From a previous commenter: For your second part, I’d love to hear about perceived / actual discrimination – are you yelled at for cutting off the ajosshi otherwise blocking the subway? Are there any specific legalities foreigners need to watch out for? Just because the visa system isn’t well-regulated doesn’t mean some portions of life are. Does life get easier after awhile, or after you learn the language?

I didn’t see so much discrimination in China. Foreigners are relatively popular. Being in the company of a foreigner makes a Chinese person appear cosmopolitan. This is a major reason why many like to go to (relatively) expensive American chains like Starbucks (at least according to what they tell me).

In a lot of ways, the law stays out of one’s business in China, for the average Chinese and foreigner alike. Police often see dealing with foreigners as a hassle. In China, generally people are not rude to strangers, even if the strangers themselves are rude. This is a short post, but you’ll see why with the next one.

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